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Automatically download iOS firmwares


Today I discovered that it takes quite a while to download an iOS IPSW, and when you need IPSWs, you are always in a hurry. So I made this little script that checks for a new release using’s API and downloads it. The comments in the script itself should make it pretty easy to use.

I added the script to my home server’s crontab, and scheduled it to run at 1 am every night, with a low bandwidth limit not to hog my connection.

Note: to use this on OS X you will have to either install wget (from sources, binaries, brew, ports, whatever) or edit the script to use curl.

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Ciao Luca!
Di recente hai per caso apportato delle modifiche in questo script?
Lo sto scoprendo solo ora, davvero un good job.
Lo prendo in prestito in quanto vorrei adeguarlo alle mie necessità, ho un iPhone 6 da 4.7″ e un Air 2 WiFi + Cellular.

Avendo un Raspberry Pi…. Mmmmh 🙂

Avevo fatto una modifica tempo fa ma ho aggiornato anche su GitHub, quindi vedi quello aggiornato.

Hi LucaTNT,

As iOS updates get more and more frequent, it has been a challenge for me to keep up to date as I have to struggle with slow internet. I’ve just finished downloading iOS 11.1 a couple of weeks ago and today I learnt that iOS 11.1.1 is out now. It got me to think of automating the process and I was so glad I found your script! I would like to seek your assistance in updating it to suit current IPSW naming convention, if it’s OK ?

Here are the names of the IPSW files for iOS 11.1.1:


No issues for the iPhones & iPod Touch but there’s some concern for iPad 64bit variations. We have iPad_64bit, iPad_64bit_TouchID & iPad_64bit_TouchID_ASTC, each is a longer version of the same name structure. Will requesting to “iPad_64bit” results is error & confusion ? If so, how to resolve it ?

Thanks in advance for your advice & assistance.

Please help me how to run this script and how to download IPSW automaticaly.

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